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NaMe: Tiffany
NiCkNaMe: Tifferz
StAtUs: Taken :)
AgE: 19
SeX: no thank you....ooops female


My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: all american rejects, simple plan, jimmy eat world, slipknot, trapt and much much more
Favorite movie: Save the Last Dance, and O
Favorite book: Teen Magazine and Seveteen ( do these count?)
Favorite sports team: New York Yankees
Favorite food: Pizza and Ice Cream

My Hobbies

*watching t.v.*
* playing on the computer*
* talking to my friends*
* hanging out with them.*
* making out with hott guys*
*Going to dances and dancing with peopleI have never even met*
* watching the little mermaid*

Favorite memories
*summer of was a blast...chris was amazing...hehe jersey...larissa.*
* Mikes room...June 28, 2003....if u know congrats.*
* The first time i really kissed the beach.*
* Chris asking me out on one knee..hehe that was sweet.*
* "can someone teach me how to play football?" Yay chris got my hint and taught i got butterflys*
* Tricia throwing me on Tom while watching Lizzie Maguire*
*Nick has salty lips....Kissing him in front of Brookes house*
* my party...and i quote..." Oh my god nobody told me tounge was involved am I kissing him with or without tounge?"*
* Holloween...with nicole....not home till 10*
* Laurens party....can't say anymore if you were there you know*
* OHH omg u just pinced my ass*
*my b-day party truth or dare i cant believe u guys did that!*
*Ryan at my house*
*Friday the 10th...3rd period...cant remember shit!!!*
*Katrina and me waitressing for mr. baruch...ahh that fucking table wont leave me alone!!!*
*Flasing lights*
*Monkey stew-receipe: a dozen chocolate monkeys
a dozen gummie bears, a dozen gummie worms, and i tried pepsi but they said no, coke*
* "You Guys Don't give Flying Fcuk!!!" - Aunt Michele*
* Kaplunk "Ohh My leg"- Alex...How the hell did she fall off the bed doing that?!?*
*Im Busy now ill ignore you later!!!*
* "no one has time for your pathetic little problems" well except for maybe katrina she seems to have time for everyones problems*


oooh it's my rose

Favorite Links

Joe's site

teen magazine

Lexi's Webpage

Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at:

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