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hope i dont get to personal for you

i swear its not me!!! (well maybe the prep part)

3-5-06 fuckin albany...i miss my baby
12-18-04: okay so tuesday would have been 1 1/2 years but we broke up....thats it....go to my live journal and read all about it
6-22-04: wow a year with chris hehe i love you
4-5-04: well for all you guys who read this....i love you....for chris i love u more.....we will get through this....i know we will and when we do we will b happier then ever...i love u hunny always and forever my baby u'll b.
12-1-03: Alls i can say is life is in love...and i have found the one i want to spend the rest of my life with..i got my permit or as anthony says "permanent"....chris's mom knows we have had sex...i think my aunt might think we sister is going to be 13!!! going to be and chris will be going out 6 months int 3 weeks.....holy very upset george tried to steal me but mi amore saved me and then he ran off with me.....i wish chris was here i miss him....chris i miss you1!!!!!! i love you baby i hope you like your birthday present...that is when u get it...even though you already know wat it is.....anyways trinas going out wit my cuzin...mikes moved on and has a new gf......christine (my son) is dating chelsea (my mom) were messed up
9-11-03: all i have to say is WOW OMFG WOW  if u know wat im talking about kewl if you dont too bad!
9-10-03:  I'm usually and i usually dont want all my boyfriends attention but i dont know its weird recently i want chris all to myself like 2day 8th and 9th i mean all day i was looking foward to seeing him and then 8th he was plaing a game with sean (i think thats the kids name) no big deal i went uptown with christian maryanne melissa and eleen but then at the end of 8th when i thought we would be able to hang out he wanted to play hackey sack and he played that like the enitre 9th period now im not saying he ignored me for two periods 8th i was sitting with him for like the last 15 minutes and every now and then he would lean over and kiss me and 9th he would come up to me every now and then and kiss me but i mean we didnt get to talk, its not that i want his attention but i want to hang out with him i want to be with him for a period of time not like short lil intervals of time.  i dont know maybe im being to wanting maybe im asking too much i know guys need their space and maybe this was the time he wanted his space.  i just wish i knew he doesnt know y i was upset im still have to talk to him about that when he gets home. well does build a bear let u build a monkey and if not can i have a store called build a monkey or better yet build a pet where u can build anything u want? hehe my cursors a monkey
9-6-03: chris i love you more than ever im like so scared of loosing him i dont know why i think its partially because all my friends and the significant others were going so good and now there all broken up and im just really scared to loose chris like terrified wow i know i love him and i honostly think im in love with him....its kinda weird how you know these things now i mean he kissed me the other day and i got butterflys in my stomache after 2months u shouldnt be getting butterflys im still in the really like mode where i want him all the time thats usually over after the first month...........trina im updating for you yet again
7-02-03:  I passed all my regents hehe yay go me lol sorry yay brian and trina hehe...ohh well trina im updating just 4 u.....
6-26-03: I PASSED MY CHEM REGENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got a 69...but yeah that is still passing......i got an 81 in social and a 72 in still waiting for italian i wasnt there when i ooked.....damnit
6-22-03:  Guess what....I know who i like lol.....apparantly its my boyfriend or is it his friend? im jk kinda bored so yeah my computers being a dick ...along with my uncle...yeah i almost broke my finger...anywho.....hehe chris u went down on one knee
6-12-03:  hey yall well ant graduated pre school yesterday yay go 4 yeah ok me confused please if anyone knows who i like can you please tell me because i dont know and its bugging me
6--10-03:  happy Birthday Tammy.......ok well trina is mad at me for something i didnt do bcuz i knew if i did do it than she would be mad at me and look i tried and i didnt say anything and u know what that got my best friend is mad at me god this sux ass...sorry amanda i had to use ur word....well all i can say is im sorry even though i didnt do anything.
6-4-03: Im officially a gimp, i went to the doctor yesterday and am now in a knee brace or as they call it an imobalizer, it keeps my leg straight and am on crutches.   ahhh gosh darn school to many floors and now im soo behind....yeah so when i fell i deeply bruised my knee which is as bad an cracking the knee cap and im no supposed to have any weight on my knee but the crutches suck and i cant stand them anymore.  in about two minutes im going to put my crutches in a closet and say i lost them that way i wont have to use them anymore.
6-2-03: so umm how many lil 6 year olds are there out there that like to stalk people?  i dont know but i have encountered 2 in the last month oly fuck thats scary, the first one on may 2 and the kid yesterday june 1 omg thats not even a month. ok well this lil 6 year old was fallowing me at the ice skating rink and i was like "ok who are his parents?"  and this guy goes " im his father" and i was like "ohh well hes following me" and he was like "ohh yeah he likes older women"  yeah so when i fell then kid ran up to me and gave me a hug and was like "i caught you!!"
6-1-03: ok we have 12 more days of school and my leg hurts i did it again i hurt my knee fiirst ashley kicks me and i cant walk for like a week and now i fall doing a spin ice skating ohh i cant bend it and i walk like a gimp cuz i limp......
5-27-03: ok yeah well our stalker is nick, why of course, joe told us it was him and us being us didnt believe him so i did the stupidest thing i gave our stalker my phone number, i have caller id maybe hes stupid enough not to hit *67 well he didnt hit it and ohhh i flipped a shit i was so pissed i mean he really scared me i mean he told me my last name and i started shaking.  i just fliped out on him but thats ok ohh well.   3 weeks to go
5-16-03: ok yeah trina you owe me 5 dollars i totally screwed up the dance and i know i didnt make it and if i did then the people are stupid because yeah i messed up, and not on purpose either ahhhhhh i cant do this in front of people......
5-13-03: I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere Imagination, life is your creation I'm a blond bimbo girl, in a fantasy world Dress me up, make it tight, I'm your dolly you're my doll, rock'n'roll, feel the glamour in pink, kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky... You can touch, you can play, if you say: "I'm always yours"

5-6-03: ok you guys trina and joe were right yes i like mike yeah dont tell anyone ahh i like him ohh well to bad he cant come to six flags with us.....gosh darnet....ahhhhhhh bored bored bored bored wheres will? ok gotta go bye
5-5-03: ahhhhhhh i was stalked the damn kid!!!
5-2-03:  The stupid luau was canceled because there was only 16 people going so now were going to c xmen and mike is gonna b there with his gf....opps  lol ok im tired ahh dumb fcuking skewl im not going to class till 3rd period ahhh fcuking mongolians
4-28-03: l'OH il mio dio ho ottenuto il mio tasto di pancia penetrante ed ha danneggiato come un ahhh della femmina ho dovuto prenderlo verso l'esterno in modo da Joe può ripeterlo bcuz la seconda volta lo ha fatto che era oww curvato del oww del oww lo danneggia più prendendo verso l'esterno che esso fa metterlo in...
4-27-03: ow ow ow ow he had me take it out so he could can put it back in straight ow ow ow taking it out hurts more than putting it in now theres a hole omg its gone......the hamster died.......damn mongolians
4-24-03: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
4-11-03: Dominos pizza how can i take your order? would u like a large or small pizza? ok gotta go bye click......hehe i fell asleep at drill shhhhhhhh.....buh bye
4-9-09: damn two hour delays.....joe fyi we have a two hour delay
4-7-03:  What Ok trina told paul i liked him like three months ago (iim probably exaggerated, i cant spell either) and he still remembers....omg i was talking to him and he was like do u stil like joe?...i gave him and answer and asked if he wantd to know if i was asking him to the luau to get back at joe for some stupid thing and he was like "no just making sure you still liked me."   ahh what?!? who told you lol never mind i know...ahh but you remember....yeah ok so this hana is gonna come down for a week and than im going to go their for a week and than im going to go to alabama for a lil while and than August 16-August 23 im going to be at the jersey shore....yaya happy im bored
4-3-03: ok well i alsmost told joe who likes him anybody out there if u know dont tell him the girl will be very upset she doesnt want anyone specially him di da wheres alex?
3-30-03:  ahhh i hope todays the 29 ohhh no its the 30th ohh welll to lazy to change well hold on let me change it ok changed it.....i was raped RAPE I SAY  belly button rape that is joe and trina belly button raped me and omg i belly button raped joe with my tongue...hehe and i belly button raped trina but ohh well...they were at my house yesterday and i swear sex on the counter is bad but sex on the table is worse...joes big pimpin in the nyc...hes less than 1 cent....joe u oww me a lot of action for that 50 cents u took outta my wat should we do first hmmm no we did that nope did that too no to late cant do that....ohh ohhh i got one i promise i wont bite u if u let me do it ill be really nice and not bite or even nibble pleez not saying wat it is here though bcuz any1 can read it and i dont feel like telling every1......ahhhh RAPE....he wont stop licking me make him stop...haha joe u got attacked by lil kids...sal likes katrina and anthony kissed joe...six flags is gonna be great.
3-24-03:  ahh pauls a dork he friggin indented the date on my not sure but i think he presed a lil too hard...hmm lets c today i woke up at 4:30 im completely awake i actually got up and out of bed...the girl from the ring was trying to get me ;ast night i opened my closet this morning expecting her to be sitting on the floor in the back but thank god she wasnt there just the plane aunts leaving in 2 days yay!!! maybe my uncle will be like totally out of it and let ppl come over but i'll have to think of a really good reason...haha katrina faked sex with joe....joe's "not" a virgin.....except he says he still is....oh well sucks for him haha ta ta for now
3-18-02:  TODAYS TRINA'S B-DAY....LOL YAY FOR ME...ahh joe wouldnt let anyone down his pants and we tried really hard...god katrina gets to go down everyones pants and i cant go down anyones...does someone want to let me go down their pants? its not fair!!!!! i spent 2 hours typing my laba nd im still not doen and my printers being a bitch and wont print it!!!! ahh baruch sucks cock lol jk....
3-16-03:  JOE'S MEAN...haha im jk....katrina tried to go down pauls pants!!! i wouldnt and asekd katrina to and she tried but paul wouldn't let arms all red oww joe and paul were pinching me and it hurt......
3-13-03:  Yay hana's coming out in like a week i dont know the exact day but its soon.
3-8-03:  OK well ahh joe was right bout anthony ok well umm ok yeah so much has happened i dont know where to start well brians mean to katrina i almost killed her even though it wasnt me im taking joe to six flags with me and ummm too much is personal so i cants say it.......
3-4-03: i like him i really like him, happy katrina i told everyone......ohh well god im in crisis mode major katrina help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i dont know what to do...u know what im talking about....ok well  im going to find a corner and cry cuz i dont know wat to do!!!
2-28-03: continued...ok so im not the only one who thinks this kid likes me katrina thinks so too...i didnt say anything to her she read my journal, looked up and was like i think he likes you too! i just looked at her in complete shock and was like you know who im talking about?!?   and she was like yeah and i see it and i was like ok...i got attacked today and yeti helped in the attacking!! how mean! he like held me back and let tim throw the stupid hackey sack at me!!!! err so mean....
2-28-03:  i have a problem, i think one of my ex-boyfriends friends likes me i dont know if its true or if me and him are just good friends but i dont know if he does and im all like not sure, im not saying which ex-boyfriend, dont try to figure it out (theres 9 or 10 of them if that helps)  dont ask me who the person is (you probably dont even know him)  i wont tell you its my problem and i have only talked to one person about it, im not telling you who  talked to either.  but omg i dont know if he does....well i start work on monday and yay i have a job, katrinas all depressed because tim is acting like a jerk and she doesnt deserve it katrina im sorry just remember alex fell off the bed and hurt her leg...gee i wonder wat she was doing?
2-26-03:  well im extremely bored there is nothing to do,  haha skewl sux, god im not grounded thats a first, right? well sal wants to kill joe and its pretty funny i mean you think big brothers are bad talk about lil brothers omg this kid is 8 and threatening an 15 year old..haha i wanna c joe kick his ass that would be
2-22-02: haha well whoever reads this if you didnt know it yet me and joe broke up, well ive been through worse and ill get through this, i went to amandas cuz she always makes me feel betta its great when u go there her brothers just attack you, i mean they literally attack, they threw me in the snow after the threw snowballs at me that were bigger then my head, well its ok i got soaked.   we went ice skating and i fell for caitlen and my butt was wet for 2 hours, the we were at amandas till 1 ohh yeah i got the rode sign yay lol dont tell anyone its a secret well thnx to every1 that tried to make me feel betta i love you guys.
2-16-03:  joe ahh u got me addicted to  ur guy is room sux..i miss u i havn't seen u in 4 days this sux i wish u werent sick friday then i coulda seen u...ohh well im sorry for overreacting about the cheating thing and the cybering thing...i guess i was a lil shocked that ud actually think id cheat on u. well its 2:30 in the morning no ones online but alvin and me and him are talking so ill c ya later....
2-3-02: My stupid boyfrind wasnt in skewl sorry joe had to say that cuz i knew ud read well i feel like shit went to skewl to c joe he wasnt in skewl spent all day depressed couldnt go hom bcuz my aunt wasnt home and well thats bout all
2-1-03:  Well Alex told me to start a journal so her it goes....Joe finallly asked me out i was only waiting like a forever for him to...but he finally did on monday...........I FAILED MATH..........and katrinas the best friend anyone can have lol ........i screwed up my dance on friday yeah i sorry joe pepsi's better!  lol

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