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Hey to anyone i forgot sorry!!!!


Alvin: hey welcome back i missed you, i atill think you should come back to school for the last 12 days!
Lis: Hey gurl sry it didnt work out with u and mark everything happens for a reason though and there was a reason for this well good luck in school my collage friend i love ya gurl ur like a big sister
Rich:  Dont be so hard on urself ur a really kwl person i dont get y u say the stuff u say....just bcuz theres ppl out there that dont like u doesnt mean every hates u cuz i sure as hell dont
Joe:  hey ur the best guy friend a girl can have thank u...good luck with trina i cant wait to see your kids.
Alex:  Hey Thanx your a great friend, Your always there when i need you and you and DJ are so cute awww!!!! haha kaplunk ohh my leg!!!
Katrina: I don't know what i would do without you that week that you were gone i was totally lost i couldn't wait for you to get don't know how extremly helpful you matter what the problem is you always there even when you have your own problems and i know you dont want to hear mine you always do and you always give me the right answers out of them...thanx for always being there and helping me with Joe...I Love you like a sister (and i love my sister) don't ever change or leave ill miss you too much!
Kayla: lol i stopped changing...i'll miss you o more 6th
:(  I dont change 5 times a day try 10 or 20 and changing during prep rallies and flashing ppl is fun i dont play like dat if u tell me to do somethin i will!  
Brian: Hey  You are a great friend art was fun last year i miss it...DONT bite me!
~Lauren~ lets go get lost in manhattaan and end up at Chris's house! im knot blonde im knot im knot! i swear i was always this color!
  ~Alex~  wheres mike? Did the maintance guy rape you yet? You should know not to wear those kinds of cloths around those kinds of guys and they wont want you. hehe.  Dont wish to be hit by a car cuz it will always happen.  awww u and D.J. 

  ~Ashley~ Damn fucking pics!!!

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