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aww how sweet

Put ur arms around her waist & whisper in her ears.
Kiss her every chance u get.
Hold her close when shez cold.
When u r alone hold her & kiss her.
Kiss her on the tip of her nose, that will give her the hint u want 2 kiss.
While in the movies, put ur arm around her & then lean in and tilt her chin &kiss her lightly.
When she complains her neck\shoulderz hurt, massage them 4 her.
When people diss her, stand ^ 4 her.
Look deep in her eyes & tell her u luv her.
Lay down under the stars and put her head on ur chest so she can listen 2 the steady beat of ur heart.   Link ur fingurez  2gether while u whisper 2 her as she rests her eyes and listens 2 u!! awww
(HAHA! What waz this person thinking?
like ne guy wood do that!! yea rite! but u can think it all u want!! WOW!)

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