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who said wat!!

some people are soo stupid

but no one told me tongue was involved!!!




* "Jen i have a problem"- me
   "what" -jen
  "im debating on whether i should go to chris's 8th period or wendys" - me
   "omg you have to think about that wendys is on the same wave length as chris" - jen
   "well the spicy chicken sandwich is very appealing to me right now" - me
 we then walk inside and i see chris
   "hey i was just talking to jen and i said i wasnt sure if i should go to ur house or wendys" - me
   "go to wendys the spicy chicken sandwich is the shit" - chris
   " ok and then your house" - me
* "do u want me to push you to him?"  - some kid in jersey
"no thats ok i can do it" - me
"hey flounder likes you" bobby
"no he doesnt leave me alon" -me
30 minutes later
"wheres flounder you have to say bye" - bobby
"no" - me
"hey there he is" - bobby
 "OMG hide me!!!"- me
* "I love you" - me
"i love you to baby" - Chris*
* "boots" - me*
* "its a monkey" - me*
* "I'll request a slow song and you can ask her to dance, while you are dancing you can ask her out it will be really cute dont you think" - me
  "Im a guy i dont know if these things are cute or not" - brian
  " ok then its sweet" - me*
* " There are 99 channels pick one" - Me*
* "Mangidadoi!!" - me and trina*
* "Trina your going out with joe" - Me*
* "It would be really funny if the hamster died half way through the song" - Joe
"Omg the hamsters dead!!" - Me*
* "OMG did she just pass out?!?" - Joe*
* "Note there is only one answer" - Me*
* "ok gotta go bye" click - me and ashley*
* "Dominos Pizza - Me*
* "fyi we have a two hour delay" - Joe*
* "Did that scare you?" - sal
   " no, it was stupid!"- anthony*
*if life sucks then why did god create girls?-Me*
* " We'll go to the bi seminar together." -Me*
* " We'll get out before 2 O'clock." - Mr. Baruch
  "  umm we always get out before 2!" -  Me*
*" Oh my god nobody told me tongue was involved am I kissing him with or without tongue?" - Me*
*"im Going back out with him" - Me*
*" we broke up!!" -Me*
* "It's over, it's done gone out the window no more buh bye......" - Lauren
"uh theres tricia sorry bye." -Me*
* OHH omg u just pinced my ass - Me*
* It's a firetruck! - Me* 
* "when and if you two break up, he will be waiting there with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates asking for you to come back to him." - Amanda*
 "NO, He can't I Won't!!" - Me*
* "You Guys Don't give Flying Fcuk!!!" - Aunt Michele*
* Kaplunk "Ohh My leg"- Alex...How the hell did she fall off the bed doing that?!?*
* "You off my Planet" - Alex*
* "get out of my bubble" - Katrina*
* Fasshizle - Me*
* "D to the j j to the d shizzle my nizzle down in the CA" - Me*
* "Wanna make monkey stew?" - Rich
  "Sure How?" - Me
  "I dont know want do we put in?" - Rich
 " Monkeys" - Me
 " Alive?" -Rich
"No choclate" - Me
" No alive i wanna hear them scream" - Rich
"How about chocolate screaming monkeys?" - me
  "ok" - rich
               heres the receipe: a dozen chocolate monkeys
a dozen gummie bears, a dozen gummie worms, and i tried pepsi but they said no, coke*
* " No. I might fall asleep while eating dinner thats why i want to do it now" - Anthony
      "  Do me a favor and get ready for bed now, in case you fall asleep while eating dinner" - Aunt Michele
* " I don't want to go to this stupid school!" - Robin*