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Great pick up lines

haha these r great

Do you take karate? 'Cuz your body kicks!

What`s your name? I want to know what I`ll be saying in my sleep tonight.

What do you need... runway lights on the bed??

Arise, and come with me, my love; let us anoint bodies with sweet oils and and our bed with fragrant blossoms, and furiously beat guts.

(bumper sticker) If you like staring at my bumper, you gotta check out my

I have an 8 ball, you have the pocket. Let's go play.

No, really, I'm not perverted. I just want to make people.

I want to be naughty as often as possible since when you spank me it isn't a punishment.

Honey, if you were any sweeter, I'd have a lifetime supply of you to put over my hotcakes!

Does my tongue taste funnny?

I want your nacho cheese on my chalupa.

Shut up and kiss me.

My heater broke. Would you come back to my place and make it all hot and steamy?

My bed is broken, can I sleep in yours?

Don't frown. You'll never know who's falling in love with your smile!

If you were at a hotel and you saw me, would you rent a room for us for the night?

Hi, you just got a phone call. It was your mom, and she said it was okay if you come home with me tonight.

Is your dad Tony the Tiger? Because you look grrrrrrrrreat

I'm sorry, but I think we met somewhere, and I'm not too good with names. But I'm much better with phone numbers.

Have you noticed how cute I am today?

Kissing is a language of how about a conversation?

I got you a present -- me!

Hi, I went all the way to my computer to go to to find a pick-up line for you, but on the way back I forgot it - so can I still get your number since I made the effort?

If God paid for our sins, let's go get our money's worth

Boxers or briefs? I wanna know what I'll be tearing off you tonight in my dreams!
Baby, you can play with me all night, like Dreamcast.

I've got great ball-handling skills.

You look flustered! You should lay down on me.

Smile if you think I am cute

Ow! My ankle! Will you carry me?

Is your girl living with you? No? Good, then she won't mind me staying there tonight.

I love you.

Will you just freakin' go out with me?

Are you doing anything tonight? Because I sure hope it's me.

Did you know that heavy kissing burns 140 calories per hour?

Did you know that making out burns fat cells?

You know, it's not premarital sex unless you plan on getting married.

You smell good.

You: "Hey, what's the name of that song by Sixpence None the Richer?"Them: "'Kiss Me.'"You: "Okay!"

If I follow you home, will you keep me?

Here's a quarter. Go tell yur homies you have a new girlfriend.

They say you don't know what you have until you've lost it; well imagine how much it hurts to know exactly what you had and don't know why you lost it

Baby...... have you been eaten your Campbell's soup? 'Cause you're lookin' hmm....hmmm...hmmmm.. good!

Do you know how to say Constantinople backwards? Oh, neither do I. I was just curious.

I just had a near-death experience -- I saw you and my heart stopped.

Your love's as sweet as candy... can I have a bit?

You're like honey barbecue sauce: Hot and sweet at the same time

Why is it I gotta climb a hundred mountains to get you, but all you gotta do is smile to get me?

I put a drop of tear in the ocean for you... and I'll stop loving you when you find that teardrop.

Excuse me, do you have a Band-Aid? I skinned my knee when I fell for you.

I use to dream... but what's the use, now that I've met you?

I bet I can kiss you on the lips without touching you. (kiss them)Oops, guess I lost.

It's not my fault I fell in love -- you're the one who tripped me!

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you wanted a toy really bad when you went to the store, but your mom wouldn't let you get it, no matter how much you begged?? Well that's how I feel about you,  except my mom will let me have you, you just wont have me.

I know somebody who likes you but if I weren't so shy, I'd tell you who.

Don't stick out your tongue unless you intend to use it.

Love's a sensation caused by temptation, a guy sticks his location in a girl's destination to increase the population of the next generation.

I lost my teddy bear... can I sleep with you?

Guy: I have a magic watch that tells me you aren't wearing any panties.Girl: But I am wearing panties.Guy: Oh -- it must be an hour fast.

Love is a very complex word, but I think I just found the meaning of it.

you: I can read palms. Them: Really?You: No. It's just an excuse to hold your hand.

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